Why should you Choose IPL Laser Treatment?


Nowadays, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or IPL is a famous choice among many people who are wanting to get their hair removal and photo rejuvenation treatment. This process is conducted with the help of a wand of light that is meant for letting the energy with the exact controlled amount. This kind of treatment assists in correcting the flaws on the skin, and rendering the skin glow and look more youthful at the same time. IPL laser treatment is mainly used for treating rosacea, skin redness, age spots, acne, sun damaged skin, broken capillaries, birth marks, stretch marks, fine wrinkles, spider veins, freckles, and tattoos. Here are the reasons of choosing IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.

  1. Less downtime

IPL laser treatment uses many wavelengths for each pulse of light that leads in a lower all at once energy process. The other kinds of laser treatments always use a single intense technique. This is why there is only minimal downtime. As this treatment can be accomplished faster with fewer side effects, usually in about half an hour, many people can carry on going to work immediately after the treatment. This treatment also helps in improving the lower layers of the skin and leaves the upper layers intact.

  1. It is ideal for hair removal

IPL laser therapy is also ideal for removing unwanted hair. For this procedure, you need to carry out 6 to 12 treatment sessions on the basis of the amount of area of hair to be gotten rid of and the thickness of the hair matters as well. For men, this process is much painful than for the women as the hair of the former is much thicker.

  1. It is a non-invasive process

The IPL laser treatment is super effective, but truly non-invasive. A single session of IPL laser treatment is tantamount to many microdermabrasion treatments. Rather than using a single intense session, many wavelengths are used in order to render this process less invasive.

  1. It is a painless process with minimal to zero side effects

IPL laser treatment is a painless procedure. But it may include a slight stinging when it is performed. It may feel like a snapping of elastic against the skin. Other side effects include slight bleeding, skin tightening, minimal bruising, blistering and scabbing. These side effects may prevail for a week or two, but it never prolongs.

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