In medicinal grounds acupuncture is considered to be very effective


In olden days, the knowledge of the therapy of acupuncture was known by very few people. Others had the desire to learn about the technique. According to them the therapy was a mysterious service. But in the present generation this therapy is included in the mainstream of medicine. Many people consider acupuncture bethsada md to be quite effective and helpful. The benefitted information which makes it different and effective from other methods:

  • By the western surroundings acupuncture bethsada md was first discovered in 1970’s

First time people in the western world read about acupuncture in an article written in New York Times. The reporter had an operation in China to remove his appendix. Over there the doctors provided him acupuncture therapy to reduce his pain and give him relief. After this incident the reporter wrote everything in his article which made people aware about acupuncture.

  • It’s not about just poking needles into the body

The study of acupuncture is not very easy. It requires a lot of time and patience. It takes about three and a half years to complete the study and spend around 1000 hours in the rooms of learning and around 500 hours of practical learning under the supervision of the teachers. When these all are fulfilled then the person becomes a acupuncturist completely and is specialised to treat any patient.

  • The W.H.O has copied this therapy under their services as well

The World Health Organisation has now started following and using the therapy of acupuncture to treat over 1000 diseases and problems. Some problems may include chemotherapy symptoms, getting relief from a back pain etc.

  • This is not just a therapy but a process

The therapy of acupuncture bethsada md can only be done to a person when he or she has proper prescription from the doctor stating the ailment, the therapy and the time period for it. Without the proper consultation from the doctor no one can apply the therapy.

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