How to Tackle Hearing Loss Effectively


Do you know that around 15% of the total US population (37.5 million people) have hearing problems? Another study reveals that around two to three of every 1000 children in the US are born with a level of detectable hearing loss. Eventually, numerous studies around the world further confirm that a substantial population suffer from hearing loss.

Above all, hearing complication does not affect listening alone, it has other major implications too, impacting physical and mental health, impaired memory and social withdrawal. Therefore, one must never underestimate hearing loss and take it for granted.

You must take the hearing loss very seriously from the beginning and consult competent hearing loss experts like audiologie Centre-Ouest to effectively address your hearing loss complications at an earliest. As the first step towards hearing loss ailment, you need to first understand what hearing loss is, it’s consequences and causes, to address the problem effectively.

Consequences of hearing loss:  

Hearing loss has multiple consequences based on the age and living standard of individuals. Normally, when you notice an individual with reduced hearing symptoms particularly in a noisy atmosphere, we confirm that he or she has or developing hearing loss. The consequences of moderate or mild hearing loss among children or infants lead to learning problems resulting in a lack of necessary skills of language learning and scoring low in education. In the later stage, this ultimately affects him or her in the employment and in overall life improvement.

If the mild or moderate hearing loss persists, and not addressed in an appropriate time, it affects and creates multiple health complications and social problems. Some of the potential health complications may include severe and persisting headache, increased blood pressure, muscle tensions, fatigue, stress and depression. The social implications of hearing loss may lead to impaired memory and social withdrawal.

Types of hearing loss:

As the types and level of hearing loss are many, so also the causes of hearing loss. The audiometric hearing loss or in simpler understanding, the inability to hear sounds can vary from less or mild to extreme or profound. Similarly, hearing loss can be found either from the birth or can be developed in the later stage of life, and may occur all on a sudden or may develop slowly. However, as per medical science, there are four kinds of hearing loss namely: (1) Auditory processing disorder, (2) Conductive, (3) Sensorineural, and (4) Mixed.

Causes of hearing loss:

As already mentioned, there are multiple reasons for hearing loss. These include, (1) Ageing, (2) Genetic reasons, (3) Middle ear infection, (4) Damage caused by noise, (5) Surgery related trauma or head injury, (6) Medicine and drug reaction or effect, (7) Auditory processing disorder etc.


The reasons and types of hearing loss may vary from individual to individual and situation to situations. However, the ailment is though many but can be available at one source of medical experts, which you can rely upon.


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