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CrossFit is already gaining its place in the health industry. There are already a lot of CrossFit Los Angeles gyms that are sprouting all throughout. These CrossFit gyms are more commonly known as boxes and are not only popping up in Los Angeles but all throughout the world as well. If you have long been curious about enrolling into a CrossFit Los Angeles box, then you should know first what are the benefits and the risks, and the CrossFit box set-up that you should expect. 

As an overview, CrossFit is a form of high-intensity power fitness or known as HIPT. The CrossFit workouts have dynamic exercises such as plyometric jumping, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, and explosive bodyweight movements. 

Benefits of Enrolling in a CrossFit Los Angeles Workout


  • It may help in improving your physical strength


With the high-intensity, multi-joint movements in CrossFit, this may help you in gaining muscle strength and stamina. By adding additional weight to your workouts, can further increase your muscle gain through the additional stress that you put to your muscles. 

You can also further challenge your muscles by participating in the workout of the day. This workout of the day can help in giving variety to your muscles. The workout of the day or more called WOD is one significant part of the CrossFit program. Every day, a new set of exercises is going to be posted and the goal is to complete on as many repetitions of each exercise as possible in a set period of time.


  •  It may help in improving your aerobic fitness


Because CrossFit is a high-intensity power training (HIPT), this may help you in increasing your VO2 max, or the maximum amount of oxygen that you can utilize when you are doing your exercise.

But, research has been inconclusive as to the short-term and the long-term effects of CrossFit in terms of physiological changes and aerobic benefits. Thus, there is still a need to do conduct more research in terms of arriving at the understanding of how CrossFit will truly improve the aerobic fitness of a person as compared to other forms of exercises. 

  • It may help in the improvement of your agility, balance, and flexibility

Because functional exercises or exercises that are mimicking movements that you do in everyday life are being included in CrossFit workouts, it will be very beneficial for you in gaining improvement on your agility, balance, and flexibility. 

Some of these functional movements include squats, kettlebell swings, and overhead presses.  With this, it can help you in reducing your risk for injury and also contribute to the improvement in your quality of life. 

  • It can help you burn calories and in managing your weight

When doing CrossFit workouts, this will help you in burning more calories as compared to other workouts. Thus, on average, a man weighing 195 pounds or a woman weighing 175 pounds can burn at least 15 to 18 calories per minute and 13 to 15 calories per minute respectively during a CrossFit circuit class. You may even continue to burn some more calories during the recovery period. 

This is being compared to burning by just 11 calories per minute and 9 calories per minute respectively in a traditional weightlifting using machines. So, if your goal is to really lose weight, then you should try to follow a healthy diet as an addition to your CrossFit workout regimen. 

Are CrossFit Los Angeles Workouts Safe?

As mentioned in the earlier parts, CrossFit is a high-intensity form of workout. So the risk of injury increases along with how much you increase the intensity of your workouts or the amount of the weights that you are lifting. 

Some of the common CrossFit injuries are low back pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, knee injuries, and tennis elbow.

So if you are just starting doing CrossFit exercises, then it will be a smart idea that you should work with a trained fitness professional who can make sure that you are doing your CrossFit workouts properly. If you are having improper form, or if you are trying to move through an exercise too quickly, or if you are lifting more weight than you can handle, these can all lead to injury. 

Thus, if you are just a beginner in a CrossFit workout, it is advised that you should start with a slower pace and then increase the weight gradually until you can see to it that your fitness level has already improved. 

Doing CrossFit exercises is not actually safe for everybody. For example, if you are pregnant and are already doing regular CrossFit exercises then it may be fine. However, you should refer this to your doctor first if doing CrossFit exercises can still be viable for you. On the other hand, if you are pregnant and you are just starting out doing CrossFit exercises, then you should not proceed until after you give birth before you resume doing CrossFit exercises. Also, if you have an existing injury or if you have serious health problems, CrossFit may not be a safe exercise for you. You should talk first with your doctor or your physical therapist and get cleared before you start doing CrossFit exercises. 

Are You Interested in CrossFit Workouts?

If doing CrossFit has already piqued your interest, then you should first start to look online for an affiliate CrossFit Los Angeles box. Most of these CrossFit boxes are going to be required to sign up first on two to three private or semi-private training sessions.  And then, once you have completed these training sessions, you are now be allowed to sign up for group CrossFit classes or you may still opt to continue in working with a personal trainer. 

If you are already familiar with CrossFit exercises, it may already be possible for you to do the workout of the day on your own. However, for beginners, it is highly recommended that you should work with a trained professional at a CrossFit box first in order to avoid muscle injuries.  


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